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And speaking of being a better consumer, The Times did a service in noting that tipping well doesnt address the injustice of low pay, as many owners steal workers tips. As Grace Shim executive director of MinkWon points out, If we dont fix our immigration system, its just inevitable that theres going to be a pool of the workforce that is going to be vulnerable and exploited. In addition, language access is a problem for workers, Adhikaar Executive Director Luna Ranjit says: Through no fault of their own, many nail salon workers are unable to obtain permanent licenses because the licensing exam is not offered in their language. They have called for representatives of worker organizations to be included in the governors task force, a call that you can echo. The New York City nail salon industry has been horribly abusive for a long time, because of the vulnerability of immigrant workers and the toxicity of the products. And if the price goes up or your manicurist starts wearing a mask and gloves, dont complain change is probably for the best. Boycotting nail salons could also add to the economic pressure on these businesses, making it even more difficult for them to pay workers decently or buy needed ventilation equipment. While youve got his hapless staffperson on the phone, tell Cuomo to address some of the hurdles immigrant workers face getting proper licenses. Charlene Obernauer, executive director of the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health said in response to Cuomos announcement: All agencies working together in a Task Force to address this issue does not add additional staffing to actually.

A number of groups have formed the. Dont be fooled by those discreet little envelopes salons provide for gratuity and then keep at the register these look like a genteel way to avoid an embarrassing transaction, but can enable tip theft. The short-term solution to all of these problems is the same: support workers organizing and call for more and better regulation). Do you ever order takeout? Across the country, stronger protections for undocumented immigrant workers would help people in nail salons and many other industries that pay low wages and create unsafe working conditions and then rely on the fear of deportation to keep migrant workers from speaking out.

(at least 20 percent the community group advises, but do so in cash placed directly in the hands of the person who helped you to prevent it from being stolen by the boss. But acting on this advice could well get her in trouble with her boss who could be listening in or add stress to her day by making her feel obligated to reassure you that your pedicure isnt unethical. While they do not currently have any campaigns focused on nail salons, they provide legal services to workers for workplace issues like wage theft, safety, unemployment, and workers compensation. Last Sunday, the, new York Times released a fantastic investigation detailing the awful abuses workers in New York Citys nail salon industry endure, including wage theft, dismal pay, and exposure to toxic chemicals. No, you arent going to strike a bold blow for workers rights by abstaining from getting your nails done, nor by deriding people mainly though not exclusively women who enjoy such small indulgences. The series was so powerful that even New York Gov. Dont leave it up to Cuomo to decide whats good for them. As part of the. Treating your manicurist like a human being is great.

The, times list was a step beyond that, but still not much help. If they wont, take your business to any number of the organic toxin-free salons popping up around the city. If workers organize and call for a boycott of their employer for specific strategic reasons, consumers should follow their lead. NY Healthy Nail Salon Coalition and are working together for local policy changes. Without licenses, workers have less job security, and unfortunately, calls for more inspection, though important, might only exacerbate that. Heres a better list for well-groomed and socially responsible New Yorkers. But you cant  thats what makes capitalism such a lousy system.

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Fierce competition means low prices and low wages; it also means that owners must cut corners in any way so they can stay afloat. Demanding she listen to your inner Barbara Walters or face the fear of a lousy tip is not. You can also reach out to your state legislator and ask that she support the Justice for Job Seekers bill,.3702/S.3415, in the New York State Legislature. Adhikaar and the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health are calling on the governor to increase the number of inspectors dedicated to this industry. You should also contact Cuomos office, and pressure him to do more than simply create a task force. When American consumers learn about issues like this, most decent peoples reaction is to boycott the offending business or industry. .

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However, workers would likely suffer fewer health issues if we demanded that salons use non-toxic products. Groups like these are putting workers needs first, as well as identifying ways that salons can be better for consumers. Go to a carwash? And the fact that the convention of tipping even exists reflects the level of economic injustice in our service industries: low pay is expected, so the customer must pitch in if the worker is to make a better wage. Not so fantastic, however, was the list of suggestions the, times offered concerned nail salon consumers. At present, they need a valid Social Security number to get a license. Yeah, we thought. New Immigrant Community Empowerment (nice) organizes immigrant workers and has a campaign underway concerning employment agencies, which promise to help people find jobs for a fee, but in many cases simply pocket the money and either connect workers with below-minimum-wage. We all deserve a system in which workers dont have to rely on the whims of customers to make ends meet. np nails röda sten thaimassage While needed, it was full of bad ideas including, for example, the suggestion that you talk to your manicurist about her working conditions. Horrible exploitation exists in all these industries. The urge to wash your hands of the problem by boycotting also has a practical catch: it wont help the workers. But otherwise, a spontaneous boycott may simply cause workers to lose their jobs or in this case, a lot of customers who were probably pretty good tippers. Justice for Job Seekers Coalition, they are calling for legislation to help change this practice. Consumers cant solve this problem simply by being better consumers. . A great resource on healthy cosmetics is a blog called Hey Girl Whats On Your Face, written and researched by a professional makeup artist; the author has just posted recommendations for healthy products and local salons this week. But Adhikaars pamphlet for consumers is helpful for the immediate term: Tip big! You can do the same by contacting your city council representative and asking her to support Intro 304-A, a bill introduced by Public Advocate Tish James to improve the health of nail salon workers. The, times comment page and my Facebook feed has been awash in vows to foreswear the manicure forevermore. They have produced a pamphlet in collaboration with the Center for Urban Pedagogy with advice for both workers and customers at nail salons including tips like Be patient! Minkwon, located in Flushing, Queens, organizes mainly in New Yorks Korean community and provides a variety of services to immigrants (including those with limited English proficiency). The impulse not to be complicit in human suffering is commendable, but misguided. Ask your local neighborhood salon to switch to non-toxic brands of polish and remover. It assumes that you can simply find nice industries to patronize. Andrew Cuomo, hardly a friend of workers, apparently felt obliged to respond with some policy measures, as did New York City Mayor. There are several workers centers that could use your help, including: Adhikaar, based in Woodside, Queens, organizes in Nepali communities and has been running a campaign on the health and safety problems faced by nail salon workers. In English, webbplats fnask beatiful nära jönköping Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Nepali.

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